Help Us Build the Future of the Web

“[Ideaflow] is a key step to realizing the potential of the Web as a medium for collective intelligence.”

Marty Weiner, Former CTO, Reddit

Hiring Key Roles

Our mission

How can we solve problems too big to fit in any individual's head?

Ray Kurzweil projects that, by 2045, humanity will be hooked up to a "shared neocortex in the cloud" by brain-computer interfaces. We will leave the brain-computer interfaces to Elon Musk, but we believe it’s possible to build that "shared brain" now, and that it might look different than many imagine.

We're starting by creating a notebook that augments the user's intelligence.

We want to create a future where nobody feels alone with their ideas, where intellectual soulmates find each other,  where superconnectors are empowered. We see our software as critical to creating the frame for humans and machines to work together to solve the world's most important problems.

With a raise of $10 million and the backing of prominent thought-leaders in the field, we are ready to take on these challenges. We are looking for fearlessly creative individuals who can fall in love with personal information management systems with us – which we see as integral to the destiny of the Web.


Naval Ravikant

Founder of AngelList

Joe Lonsdale

Founder of Palantir

Marty Weiner

Former CTO of Reddit

Tim Draper

Founder of Draper Associates

Kelvin Beachum Jr.

Investor, Humanitarian, NFL Player

Ryan Delk

Founder of Primer


Jacob Cole


Past: MIT Media Lab; researcher with Tim Berners-Lee. Venture Partner at Outliers Fund.

David Greenspan

Head of Product

Past: Co-Founder of AppJet, created Etherpad (acquired by Google); YC W07. 1st Engineer at Meteor.

Bat Manson

Head of Engineering

Past: Serial Entrepreneur. Engineering Manager at Apple. Director of Engineering at Shone; YC W18.

Albert Sławiński

Full Stack Engineer

Past: Software Engineer at Palantir. Oxford Alum.

Who we are

We are: engineers with an artistic impulse, veteran entrepreneurs, community builders, curators of quotes, hosts of intellectual salons, side project fanatics, lovers of nature and human nature – all united by a desire to scale our ability to help people, and to help the Internet continue to truly serve on the side of the user.

We believe in the power of small, highly-skilled teams with a deep sense of mutual respect. In each role, we are looking for a special sort of person with strong bias towards action to become deeply passionate about the product and take tremendous ownership.

At Ideaflow, it’s important for you to be yourself, nurture your creativity, and grow in well being. Join us in building a future where humans and machines work together to solve the world’s most important problems.

People-centric policies

$500 per month to promote well being

Comprehensive healthcare coverage (including acupuncture!)

Donation matching to your favorite charities

Open Positions

Full Stack Engineer


Who has significant frontend experience and is up to the challenge of writing something as complex and high performance as an IDE in JavaScript.

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"We need to create extensions of our ability to make sense of the world together." ~Jerry Michalski

iOS Engineer


Who wants to build the best-ever, low-friction personal notes app.

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Product Designer


Who has an excellent product sense, as well as exceptional user experience & user interface skills.

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Marketing Associate


Who is an outstanding writer and strategic mind.

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ML (NLP) Engineer


Who has the gumption to write something on par with a new search engine. Ideally you are familiar with dependency parse trees and have written an interpreter in the past.

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"Art is that which holds your attention beyond practicality."

We believe diverse teams are the most effective – female and minority candidates strongly encouraged to apply!

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