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We’re creating an ecosystem for humans and machines to work together to solve the world’s most important problems – starting with a notebook that augments your intelligence.

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Connecting people with matching puzzle pieces

There are millions of scientists trying to cure the likes of AIDS and Alzheimer’s. Maybe the cure is currently separated in different people’s heads. How can we design the web so that these half-formed solutions can come together?

- Sir Tim Berners-Lee, Creator of the Web

The auto-suggest layer for human thinking

Connect fragments of information from siloed sources faster than ever before.

Your organization's collective memory at your fingertips.

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Marty Weiner

“A key step to realizing the potential of the Web as a medium for collective intelligence.”

Former CTO, Reddit
Ideaflow Advisor

John Devadoss

“Ideaflow is the force multiplier for business productivity in this new normal.”

Founding Director, Microsoft Digital Consulting

Tim Draper

“The amount of value that can be unlocked by connecting the right people and ideas together is incredible. I’m very excited for what Ideaflow is building”.

Founder, DFJ
Ideaflow Investor

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