Extending human thought into cyberspace.

A shared brain for organizations

Collaboratively build and manage your networks - of people, ideas, and knowledge. 

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Become a superconnector – of people and ideas.

People hold the pieces to each others' puzzles without knowing it. Connect ideas. AI suggests more connections.


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Connect information on the Web like you do in your brain.

Your brain stores knowledge in graphs – networks of linked ideas – but text documents can't represent them. 

Coming soon: 
ThoughtStream - The lowest friction notebook to capture and connect fragments of knowledge -- " with graphs" 

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We are a lean team from MIT, Oxford and other top organizations, based in the San Francisco Bay Area (but may take remote), really like Typescript, and are one of the most intense ReactJS applications on the Web.

IdeaFlow on Crunchbase

We're looking for exceptional engineers – thinkers – doers – to play major roles with tremendous potential for upward mobility. 


Full Stack Engineer who has very significant JavaScript experience, great product sense, and wants to play a core role in our company

iOS Engineer who wants to build the best-ever, low-friction personal notes app

Machine Learning (NLP) Engineer who has the gumption to write a new search engine

Designer – part time



There are millions of scientists trying to cure the likes of AIDS and Alzheimer’s. Maybe the cure is currently separated in different people’s heads. How can we design the web so that these half-formed solutions can come together?

- Sir Tim Berners-Lee, 2011

IdeaFlow is a startup that came out of research at MIT building a human-AI hybrid platform to connect all of the ideas and people that should be connected. We are creating a tool to augment the collective intelligence of groups and the world.




Jacob Cole


MIT Media Lab, innovation consultant to Fortune 500, research advised by Sir Tim Berners-Lee, creator of the Web

David Greenspan


Founder of AppJet (YC ‘07; creator of Etherpad sold to Google), Engineer #1, Meteor

Albert Slawinski


Oxford graph whiz, patented data visualization researcher, ex-Palantir



Tim Armstrong

Former CEO, AOL

Enterprise Sales Legend

Marty Weiner

Former CTO, Reddit

Founding Engineer, Pinterest

Jim Pallotta

Former Vice Chairman, Tudor Investment Group (major hedge fund)


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