We are "Project Thought", a stealth software startup. We are completely disrupting the market with our cloud-based productivity app. With years of research and user validation, we have secured a multimillion dollar investment. We are looking for engineers and designers to join us and we only want the best.

Our philosophy rests on perfection. User experience and design is important as well as core functionality. If you agree with those values, then you should be one of us.

We are located in Downtown Palo Alto, a city vibrant with creativity and diversity. Our compensation packages are the best in the field and our office offers many perks. Prove to us that you exceed our standards, and we will prove to you that we exceed yours.


We are looking for software engineers, designers, and product managers. Here is a list of open positions. See if you qualify.


Front-End Engineer
* Highly experienced in JavaScript, React, and HTML5
* Proficient in algorithms, data structures, and big data
* Must have a portfolio of side projects and code samples
* 2+ years working in a software engineering position


Back-End Engineer
* Highly experienced in Ruby on Rails, Go, or Node.js
* Proficient in algorithms, data structures, runtime optimizations, big data, and databases
* Must have a portfolio of side projects and big data
* 2+ years working in a software engineering position


* Highly experienced in web design and mobile app design, must be able to create mocks, graphics, and animations
* Must have a design portfolio
* 2+ years design experience in a software company


Product Manager
* Highly experienced in analytics and product management for software platforms and apps
* Experience working with consumer-based apps
* MBA preferred
* 2+ years management experience in a software company


* $150K+ base salary

* Work in our new office in Palo Alto, California

* Free Uber/Lyft credit for a max of $20 each way for getting to the office

* $30 for each meal, we use Postmates for lunch

* Health and dental insurance

* Pick your own equipment and setup, including desk, laptop, and mobile phone

* Gym membership



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